Long Chim means to ‘come and taste’ in Thai. The restaurant’s vibrant service style combines with the sounds of clashing woks and the beating rhythm of the pestle as it hits the mortar. It’s a kind of music that leads you to laugh a little louder, stay a little longer and try something new each time.

“At Long Chim we want to capture all the excitement and tastes of the food of Bangkok. Long Chim is intended to be fun, ‘sanuk’ as the Thais say, with food and drinks that everyone loves. Our menu will have the dishes that many Thais miss the most when away from home.” David Thompson

Delivery Options:
Delivery available Thursday through Sunday to NSW & ACT
Click & collect is available Thursday through Saturday 4pm - 8pm from Long Chim in the CBD. Same day pick up available.


Beverage & Cocktail

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