Midweek meals to look forward to

It's not often you get really excited by a Thursday night dinner, but we've got a mid-week hack for you that's equal parts easy and delicious. Here's our pick of simple meals perfect for those nights when you want to eat well, fuss free.

Bambini Trust

A selection of Bambini's quick & easy favourites. Including Burrawong Chicken liver paté and Pretzel, a sumptuous Wagyu beef lasagne drenched in San Marzano Tomato sugo and creamy béchamel along with a side salad and their signature tiramisu for dessert.

$42.50 per person

Ho Jiak

An anchor of Haymarket, Ho Jiak is home to a dizzying array of Malaysian offerings, this menu showcases their best vegetarian dishes. Including Ginger Shallot Silken tofu, Steam Gai Lan with Soy and Brown Butter, Garlic chilli Kangkung & Vegetarian Fried Rice. All super flavourful and easy to finish off at home.

$55 per person


A collection of Indu's signature dishes, each rich in unique flavours and spices. Featuring String hoppers, kirihodi, coconut sambol, Besan fritters, cardamom aioli (2) & Sri Lankan pork belly curry, followed up with a spiced carrot cake for dessert, add some Sri Lakan spices to your Thursday night dinner.

$55 per person

Our Quick & Easy Picks

Make your own mini-feast by putting together a few of our favourite à la carte dishes.

A Quick & Easy Meal from Lankan Filling Station For Two - $27 per person


A Quick & Easy Meal For Two from XOPP - $36 per person.


Another Bambini Trust Meal for Two - $43 per person


A Quick & Easy Meal For Two from China Doll - $33 per person.


Another Option from Indu - $30 per person.


A Quick & Easy Meal For Two from Golden Century - $42 per person.


A Quick & Easy Amah by Ho Jiak Meal For Two - $44 per person

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